OIO Partnership Agreement

By submitting your application and agreeing upon a Membership, Team Members grant Outinoregon Photography the permission to share their photos on our website and in our company's advertisements. (some photos included in advertisements may or may not directly include photographer's copyright information but efforts will be made to state that the images are protected by copyright laws). 

Members of Outinoregon can change or terminate membership at any time, with notice. A notice is required so that we may remove your copyrighted images from our website and from future advertisements. Images on past advertisements will remain on those advertisements only. 

Members who fail to make a payment will be removed from the customer referral rotation. You will be placed back in the rotation upon payment but your rotation spot will be lost and you will be placed at the end of the rotation list.

Members need to understand that we are a new but rapidly growing business. Like in any business, we have slow months and busy months. All the while, we make every effort to obtain new customer leads so that we may refer them to our photographers. Though all efforts are made to obtain new business, referrals are not guaranteed.

Once a customer is referred to you, they are in your hands and you are responsible for collecting payment from them and procuring their future business. 

To remain part of the Outinoregon team, members must maintain a 75% referral acceptance rate and at least a 60% booking success rate.

For members who select %fee option, all payments due to Outinoregon Photography shall be paid no later than 72 hours after completion of a shoot AND after receiving payment from the customer. 

Members must inform Outinoregon Photography of date and/ or price changes of an accepted referral. 

Members should respond to referrals via Phone Follow-up, according to the time designated on the referral form. If a referral does not respond to a member's initial phone follow-up, members are required to inform Outinoregon Photography no later than 48 hours after the follow-up attempt.

We are looking for photographers with an entrepreneur mindset and a desire to think long term and grow their photography business. Monthly income averages described on our website pages and in our private pages are based off of our "tracked month" business average. Tracked month 05/07/2017-06/12/2017. 

A Member/Monthly Member is defined as a person on the Outinoregon team, registered "Monthly Subscription" or who has an agreement with Outinoregon Photography.

This is an “At Will” partnership, meaning that either party can end the agreement at any time, for any reason. 

Agreeing to this newest set of terms nullifies the previous terms, unless otherwise specified in your "Term Change Notification" email. Please save your Term Change Notification emails for future reference. 

Outinoregon reserves the right to change the terms at any time. In the future, a notice will be given of any upcoming term changes, before they take place. 

Please review our additional terms:

Hello Team,
Thank you so much for your help with our customers! As of February 1, 2018 we will be making changes to our membership pricing/options. We will no longer offer an 
"up to" amount of customer referrals, but rather an "Unlimited" amount with your choice of either a "monthly fee" option or a "percent fee per shoot" option. We will
continue honoring your current plan pricing and terms until June 01, 2018 unless you decide to change your plan prior to that date. 

Here is what you need to know about the "Fee Per Shoot" membership option:

1) Team members must maintain at least a 60% booking success rate.

2) If booking success rate falls short of 60%, member will have 30 days or 4 referral opportunities to achieve 60%. 

3) If after 30 days or 4 referral opportunities, the team member's booking success rate is still below 60%, member has the option to 
a. Change membership plan to "Monthly Fee" option OR
b. Discontinue partnership with Outinoregon Photography

4) With each referral, Outinoregon Photography will attach a referral invoice with a description of terms, fees, and fee dates that the receiving team member 
must abide by. In order to receive additional referrals, this invoice must be completed and returned within 48 hours of receiving the atttached referral.

5) Outinoregon Photography has the right to follow-up with all customers to verify information, such as confirming:
a. Booking
b. Prices
c. Shoot date
d. Shoot completion
e. Photographer payment

6) Communication with Outinoregon Photography, must take place for each action in 5)a-e.

7) Team members must notify Outinoregon Photography of any following referral "Updates, issues, and changes":
a. Failure to reach/follow up with customer
b. Date change
c. Price reduction
d. Customer cancellations
(Notification must be made within 48 hours)

8) Communication about customer referral "updates, issues, and changes" must be made via emailing outinoregon@outlook.com. Please write the email subject in
the following format:

[*Referral Update* {customer name}]

9) Referral Fee Payments that are due to Outinoregon Photography are due no later than 72 hours after completing the shoot AND receiving payment from customer.

Here is what you need to know about the "Monthly Fee" membership option:

1) The "Monthly Fee" membership option exists as a way for team members to save money by paying a flat fee each month to be included in the unlimited referral per
month rotation. Just like in the "Fee Per Shoot" option and all past agreements, customer referrals are not guaranteed. However, Outinoregon Photography makes every 
effort to procure future business that we pass along to our team members. 

2) As of February 01, 2018 we will no longer be offering an affiliate dividend bonus to our team members and all outstanding bonuses will be paid out.

Other Importaint Notices:

1) Team members will now have access to our team portrait instagram account @outinoregon.photography , where team members can share a picture of their choice, at
any time. 

1a) Each post must include:
a. Neutral caption that is relative to the photo.
b. 20+ relative hashtags in the caption area.
c. 20+ relative hastags in the comment area.

1b) each post must NOT include:
a. adult content.
b. profanity.
c. photoraphers direct information (except team member's Instagram handle in the "tag" option of the post).

1c) Team members may not:
a. Change account information.
b. Remove another photographer's post (unless the post violates any of these terms).
c. Give out any team information to anyone who is not part of the team.

2) on the Members section of our website (www.outinoregon.com/members), we will be including a team support message system and forum where team members can:
a. ask questions
b. suggest recommendations/changes
c. arrange a payment plan for outstanding fees due
d. schedule a meeting
e. request additional equipment from our sponsors/partners
f. request photographer assistance from another team member

2) Team members are also strongly encouraged to join our team facebook group: 

Effective 1/01/2018

(503) 580-4435


Keizer, OR 97303

© 2015 by Outinoregon.

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