Social Media Management

Want To Grow Your Own Customer Base and Following?


We Can Help You Turn your Social Media into a Business Asset and Revenue Stream!

Step 1. Social Strategy

Our first step in helping you grow your Business through Social Media is to take a look at how your business or brand functions and really "get to know" your business. Unlike other Social Media management companies online, we actually take the time to sit with you and discuss your company and the direction you want to take it. From there we can put together a growth strategy that is tailored to you and your company to help determine your target audience and grow your customer base. 

Step 2. Linking Platforms

Once we determine the best social strategy for your company we can begin creating additional platforms that will be linked to your Instagram account. We link these platforms together in order to keep your posting feeds fresh, across multiple social accounts. 

Step 3. Post Formatting

Upon linking all of your social accounts together we can begin putting together material for posting. This includes: compiling photos, determining the best caption formats, and influence tags, etc..

Step 4. Posting

When we've completed the first 3 steps we can begin your posting and reviewing of analytics. This is where the actual "growth" starts. 

Step 5. Continuing Growth

Finally, through our consistent posting and analytic study, we will be able to continue your growth at a steady pace and help coach you in your marketing efforts to turn your followers into clients. It's a lot of work but we will handle all of it!

We can't promise you millions of followers but what we can offer is Consistent, Engaging, Local Growth.





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