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Submission Terms

1. By agreeing to our terms you are granting Outinoregon Photography the rights to share your images on our social platforms and website.


2. Outinoregon Photography does not claim to have any ownership of your image and credit will be given for each use.


3. If you have or find an issue with copyright, you agree to contact and work exclusively with Outinoregon Photography to resolve the issue.

4. Only share PNW landscape and lifestyle photos.

6. By submitting your form, you are agreeing to receive Email offers from Outinoregon Photography.

7. Your photo may appear on our websites or social platforms where there are commercial advertisements. You agree to willingly share your photo here with no expectations of compensation.


8. You agree that you own copyright or have permission to share each photo you submit. If a copyright claim is reported on your photo, you agree to handle the claim on your own terms. 


Terms 2/09/2019 10:00 am PST

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